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Philosopher of Chiropractic Degrees

The New Beginnings ”Philosophy of Chiropractic” (PhC) degree is awarded to a select group of individuals who adhere to the principles of Chiropractic. This degree is not a written test; it is a coveted award given to honorees who live a Chiropractic lifestyle and who have dedicated their lives to the protection and promotion of the principles of Chiropractic!

With Us In Memory


And Never Forgotten

Dr. Howard Cantor
Dr. Pasquale Cerasoli
Dr. Eddy Cohen
Dr. Reggie Gold
Dr. Gary Horwin
Dr. Ernie Landi
Dr. Robert Macewen
Dr. Wilbur Murphy
Dr. Jeanne Ohm
Rose Panico
Dr. Lou Pannucio
Dr. Dick Plummer
Dr. Chuck "River" Ribley
Dr. Gabe Ricchardi
Dr. James Sigafoose
Mrs. Patsy Sigafoose

Dr. Greg Stetzel
Dr. Glen Stillwagon
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