Friday, May 21


I have a question for you that likely aligns with thoughts that regularly run through your thinking...does your relationship with money need an adjustment?

Money is a topic that most people avoid, but it's time for us to stop ignoring it. We need to talk about how we feel about money and what we're doing with our finances. It's time for us all to get real and start making changes in order to live more fulfilling lives.

You deserve abundance in ALL areas of living including your finances! Join Dr Barbara Eaton as she takes you on a fun journey into the lies about money that may be holding you back and making your finances subluxated, misaligned, and in disarray.


This Mastermind Luncheon affords you the opportunity to clearly see WHERE you're getting stuck in your relationship with money and how you can INSTANTLY shift your thinking, radically transforming your future.


It's time for you to STOP saying, "I can't afford it." or "It's out of my budget." or "That's too expensive for us..."  


You're a CHIROPRACTOR and hold the power of the chiropractic adjustment in your hands that unleashes human potential. NOW is the time to get YOUR money subluxations adjusted once and for all.


Enough is enough!


Grab your seat at this powerful Mastermind Luncheon before they're gone! This exclusive event is Dr Barbara's gift to YOU and is for Doctors of Chiropractic only.


PS Your family called and said they're VERY ready for you to stop telling them "We can't afford that." too. Get your ticket. It's free. BONUS-you can afford it. ; )

Friday, May 21

8:30 pm

saturday, May 22


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